ACE Pets Getting Messy (And Having Fun Whilst Doing So)

06/06/2017 - Family Activities

Living with others – whether that’s children, pets, partners or friends – can be an uphill battle against laundry, cleaning and chores. Sometimes it’s so awful that you can’t do anything except stop and laugh! The team at ACE supports children, grown-ups and even pets having fun and getting messy, because with our range of products you can remove the stains, but keep the memories. We asked our ACE followers on Facebook and Twitter to share their experiences of messy pets and they didn’t disappoint. Here are some of our favourite furry friends in their element:

Madeleine McLaughlin via Facebook: “Carnage in the kitchen includes chewing a carton of fruit juice and a can of lager, then paddling in it!”

Sammi‏ via Twitter: “Ozzy found the bucket of coal… paw prints EVERYWHERE”

Lisa‏ via Twitter: “Here’s my messy moment with Riley!”

Julie Kenny via Facebook: “This is Harry on the beach. He loves being buried in the sand like the kids… can you imagine how much sand is in my car?!”

Phil Murden via Facebook: “Our 8-year-old golden retriever, Bailey, doing what he does best – chewing up cardboard boxes and making a mess!”

Kali Filsell via Facebook: “This is one messy boy!”

Millicent‏ via Twitter: “This was such a cosy moment until I realised they’d both wet themselves on my fresh bedding!”

Stacey Jane Leigh via Facebook: “Frankie likes to get all the recycling out and drag it through the house. I’m not sure who is worse – Frankie or the kids!”

Karen Walder via Twitter: “Oscar looking very guilty…”

Gina Rita Nathan via Facebook: “Chewbacca tore bits off this football all over daddy’s freshly mowed lawn!”

Do any of these situations look familiar? It seems like dogs are the worst offenders… would you agree? Join the conversation at @ACECLEANUK on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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