ACE advice: Real families share their top spring cleaning hacks

25/05/2018 - Cleaning Tips

It’s that magnificent time of year again. The sunshine has broken through the clouds and there are flourishes of colourful blooms popping up in the garden. The change in the weather can boost your motivation, meaning the perfect time for a spring clean! It can be a great way to create a fresh canvas for entertaining over the upcoming months. Great if you want to open your doors to family and friends for BBQs, summer drinks and play dates with the kids. The team at ACE encouraged you to share your top tips and tricks for that annual spring clean. Here’s what you came up with.

Organisation is key

Jenna Kelly via Instagram: Make a big list of all the jobs you need to do, and each day just do two simple tasks. It’s so easy plus makes keeping on top of everything so much easier!

Denise Cope via Facebook: Take everything you need into the room that’s getting a deep clean, makes the job much quicker and you’ll be less likely to get distracted.

Emma Gough via Twitter: My spring cleaning tip: get yourself three plastic storage boxes (rubbish, charity, keep) and sort each room as you go along – you’ll be decluttered in no time!

Neutralise nasty niffs

Jennie Clay via Twitter: To get rid of nasty niffs – sprinkle bicarbonate of soda liberally in the affected area (if fabric) leave for a couple of hours and hoover away. Leaves the spot smelling fresh and clean!

Rob Austin via Facebook: Put an air freshener in your vacuum and you get a lovely scented smell emanating around the house as you clean.

Charlotte Hune via Facebook: Got a smelly fridge? Get a bowl of warm water, add half a fresh lemon, put the bowl on a shelf, close the door and leave for an hour. It sucks up the odours and leaves the fridge smelling nice and fresh.

Family affair

Many of our ACE families like to get their little ones involved in the cleaning, like Lauren Jarvis via Twitter: My top tip for #springcleaning is to turn cleaning into a game to get the children involved. My two eldest are given a “challenge” and if they succeed we have an extra special treat. I’m hoping if I start early they will keep it up.

Josh Gough via Twitter: Use a lint roller to remove dust from material lamp shades. My son does this job and it instantly brightens up rooms! He’s shown my mum and she keeps telling all her friends too!

Chloe Busby via Instagram: I clear out all cupboards and drawers every time the kids are on half term, it means I’m having a deep clean once every 6-8 weeks and getting rid of things we don’t use to sell, donate or throw away.

Nooks and crannies

Karen Barrett reminds us not to forget even the smallest of spots via Facebook: Use dental floss to clean behind cooker knobs!

Jade Brookman via Facebook: Cheap toothbrushes are amazing cleaning tools to get in all the nooks and crannies.

Donna Marie via Twitter: Baby wipes are great for cleaning skirting boards!

Who’d have thought it

Alex Pearson via Facebook: Bicarb and apple cider vinegar make a safe household cleaner and that works well in small animal cages and cat litters instead of using poisonous sprays.

Charlotte Hunt via Facebook: Use Coca-Cola on the toilet and plugholes, leave for about 30 minutes and it will dissolve any rust or limescale.

Linda Curtis via Instagram: I just washed all the windows! I use warm soapy water, then dry them off with newspaper. It never leaves streaks, smears or smudges and the newspaper really leaves them shining.

…And have fun!

Jade Walsh via Twitter: I always have loud songs playing to brighten my mood whilst I clean… and have a little dance whilst I do it.

Dani Graves via Instagram: Open the windows to let some fresh air in, put your favourite music on loud and then tackle the cleaning, it makes it much easier.

Claire via Twitter: Old clothes, music, tea and biscuits! Then clean clean clean… eat biscuits, clean, eat biscuits, clean…

So, press play on your radio and ready, set, clean! We’d love to hear more of your #springcleaning tips and tricks. Get in touch at @ACECLEANUK on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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