ACE Families Share Their Best #DadMoments for Father’s Day

19/06/2017 - Parenting

Being a Dad means you’re a shoulder to cry on and someone to rely on whether your children are one or 51. Being a Dad, a step-Dad or a guardian of any kind means stepping up, looking after your family and making memories together. Dads get you through the difficult times and help to create the fun and messy times! For all the sons, daughters, wives and partners wanting to show some appreciation for the Dads in their life, and for all the Dads wanting to celebrate the best bits of being a Dad – we encouraged you all to share your best #DadMoments for Father’s Day. Here’s what you came up with:

The big gestures

Toni Stokoe‏ via Twitter: “My hubby worked all the hours possible so we could have our IVF baby, she is now 5!”

Kyomi Johnson via Facebook: “My Dad is my best friend, my hero and I’m a true Daddy’s girl. I may be 25 now but I look up to my Dad and admire how he handles everything. I was diagnosed with a rare cancer at 13 months old and have been in and out of hospital all my life. I lost all my hair at 4 years old due to chemotherapy treatment, so my Dad shaved all his hair off too and we were bald together.”

Jen Keller via Facebook: “My Dad is my rock and still treats me like his princess even though I’m now 31! He’s the most generous and caring man, he recently treated my family to a holiday because he knew we couldn’t afford one ourselves.”

Amy Deller via Facebook: “So many to choose from, but our proudest moment is when he trekked to Mount Everest to raise funds for our son’s medical treatment abroad. He’s our real life superhero!”

Jacqui Rushton via Facebook: “My favourite #DadMoment is my Dad driving 300 miles out of his way to help me at the roadside when I had a flat tyre. He was my knight in shining armour.”

Jamie-lee Plumridge via Facebook: “My Daddy is my hero! He takes me to new places, teaches me new things and always has more patience than anyone else I know. He is such a kind and wonderful person and I love him lots.”

Charlotte‏ via Twitter: “My Dad took me on a trip to France to visit the WW1 battlegrounds, it was amazing and not something I ever would have done.”

Amie via Twitter: “My best #DadMoment was my Dad having kept every certificate and award I ever got right from nursery to give me at graduation.”

The little things

Kerry Jones via Facebook: “The best step-Dad ever took my kids on as babies and brought them up as his own and does everything for them. He never missed a school play, parents’ evening or sports day as well as being their taxi driver to and from friends’ houses. Their relationship is amazing – they are always messing, joking and having fun. We are very lucky and love him to bits.”

Laura via Twitter: “Piggyback rides!”

Sarah Rowland via Facebook: “My partner and father to our three boys, from walks outdoors to playing at the beach. Cooking on the BBQ in the rain because our eldest had asked for a barbecue and pool day, movie days snuggled on the sofa to painting all over the kitchen floor… he’s always there every step of the way.”

Lorraine Polley via Twitter: “His Sunday morning fry-ups!”

Melissa Parsons via Facebook: “I can’t pin one single moment. I can mention a few though. Whisking us all off to the seaside for tea as kids and running up and down the beach at 10 at night screaming and laughing with us. Music blaring in the car and singing along to it (sometimes quite badly). Driving me to appointments and holding my hand as I wait. Bringing warm juice up to my room when I’ve been bed bound and couldn’t really get out. The embarrassing moment when my friends in high school called him ‘hot’ is a fact he never lets me live down…”

Evette Williams‏ via Twitter: “I loved playing Scrabble with my Dad under candle light because we had yet another power cut.”

Jules Eley via Facebook: “My Dad is amazing! He has been holding my hand through life since 1979, this guy has my back and I appreciate everything he does from checking the oil in my car to bringing me medicine when I am sick!”

Roz Tabberer via Facebook: “My favourite #DadMoment ever – he made THE most brilliant sandcastles ever, we were the envy of all the kids on the beach!”

Sue Cook via Facebook: “He is my son’s hero. They love everything outdoors together. Building fires, toasting marshmallows, mowing the lawn and flying their kites. He is Daddy’s little shadow.”

Debz Lea Clarke via Facebook: “The first time that I ever saw him cry. I’d just introduced him to his first grandson. I was just a teen myself and still his little girl… he’s been a great help over the years.”

Charlie Brunton via Facebook: “I’ll never forget growing sunflowers with my Dad when I was little! They grew so tall and I was so proud.”

Charlotte McConnell via Facebook: “My #DadMoment will always be dancing with him at my wedding! It was just the two of us and is a memory that we can share.”

Greig Spencer via Facebook: “My best Dad moment was going to watch my team Leicester City with him for the first time when I was 10. Was such a special day for both of us.”

Heath Tink via Facebook: “When he used to put a tent up in the house and make a mini picnic for me and my brothers to share.”

For all the special men in your life, and for all the fantastic parents, get involved and share with us your ACE #DadMoments! Join the family at @ACECLEANUK on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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