ACE for Colours Powder: Our brand new format!

04/04/2019 - ACE News

Some of you may have already seen our new product, ACE for Colours Powder. At ACE we are constantly investing in research and development, and the launch of our brand new product comes in response to our customers’ growing search for environmentally friendly products.

Offering an alternative to plastic, ACE for Colours Powder comes in Tetra Pak packaging. The box is fully recyclable, drives down unnecessary plastic use and will take up less space in your cupboard (or Hinch Narnia)!

Suitable for most fabrics, ACE for Colours Powder removes stains and odours on whites and colours, in addition to deep cleaning garments with active oxygen. Containing enzymes, polymers for mud and clay stains, as well as an optical brightener, the powder promises to deliver the same washing experience as our popular product ACE for Colours.

For pre-treatment:

Mix one tablespoon of ACE for Colours Powder with six tablespoons (about 40g) of warm water (maximum 40°C), then apply the mix onto the stain for a maximum of five minutes, rub the stain as needed and wash straight afterwards.

For soaking:

If you need to soak your garments, mix four tablespoons of ACE for Colours Powder with four litres of water, then leave items to soak for up to an hour for colours, and no more than six hours for whites, before washing as usual.

For in the wash:

Add your detergent as usual, then add two tablespoons of the powder into the main drawer of the machine. For heavy, tough or dried stains, add four tablespoons.

Pick up your box of ACE for Colours Powder from Morrisons, The Range and Amazon! Let us know what you think and tag @ACECLEANUK on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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