ACE Autumn crafts to create this half term

18/10/2017 - Family Activities

It’s half term next week and with autumn in full swing, you might be in need of something to do with the children. What better activity this time of year than to go for a walk as a family, explore the changing natural landscapes and bring home some bits and bobs to create a collage with? It’s free, it’s fun and it’s easy – all you need are some colourful amber leaves, pine cones, conkers, acorns and basic crafting equipment. With ACE you can go for those muddy walks and get creative back at home, with a range of powerful household and laundry cleaning products to help you remove the stains, but keep the memories of having fun this autumn.

Wildlife Scenes with Leaves

Leaves are in abundance this time of year. It’s fun to play in piles at the park and feel the crunch underfoot, but they’re also really pretty and versatile. An upside-down maple leaf makes an excellent fox, with the different ‘lobes’ to represent a face, ears and lots of fluffy fur. Just draw or stick on some eyes, a nose and some whiskers! Get creative with owls, butterflies, birds and trees. Add a spiky leafy body to a hedgehog’s face, or draw a squirrel and stick leaves up the tail – the only limit is your imagination.

Pine Cone Hedgehogs

You can easily turn pine cones into our favourite prickly friends by simply adding a face! Stick a piece of felt on, or make a cone by cutting a ‘slice’ out of a circle of coloured paper and gluing or taping the edge together. Colour in some eyes and a nose, and why not recreate your whole family with different sized cones, colours and faces? If you’re feeling inventive, paint the cones too.

Leaf Wreaths

You can buy wreath-making kits and polystyrene/plastic hoops from craft stores, which are great if you can get your hands on them. All you really need, however, is a paper plate to create a perfect leaf wreath to hang on your door this autumn. Cut out the middle, leaving a ring a couple of inches thick, and thread a ribbon through for hanging. Now decorate with a base of leaves and twigs, then finish off with acorns and conkers.

DIY Autumn Crafts

If you don’t live near a park, or if it’s too wet to get outdoors and collect materials, you can still have lots of fun with paper and finger paints. Get messy with autumn-coloured paints to create your own artwork with animals, trees and landscapes. Make your own leaves by cutting shapes out of red, orange and yellow paper which can be used for collages, wreaths and bunting by hanging them from some string – or even a twig for an autumn mobile!

What are your favourite seasonal crafts to enjoy with the family? If you try any of these out – let us see the results! Join the fun at @ACECLEANUK on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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