7 Top Tips On Drying Your Clothes Outside 

09/04/2020 - Cleaning Tips, Laundry Tips

The sun is out, theres a slight breeze in the air and the days are warmer. Spring days are the perfect time to start getting your clothes outside to dry. After all, who doesn’t love the smell of air-dried clothes? 

However, if youre not careful, they can become crisp and dry and lose their fluffiness. Theres an art to drying in open air – so here are our top 7 tips to drying your clothes outside. 

1. Give the clothes space to dry 

If youre intending to put a whole wash onto a clothesline, try and remember that the air needs to be able to circulate around the items  to ensure a quality, even dry. Leaving an inch between each item will give them the space they need to blow in the wind and dry. 

2. Clean your lines 

Don’t forget to take a warm, damp, clean cloth with you when you take the washing out. Your washing lines have been out in the elements, sometimes for days or even weeks, and will have picked up all the dust and dirt in the air. Hanging your favourite white T-shirt on a dirty line will result in a devastating dirty mark. Using a warm cloth to wipe down the line will ensure that all dirt is removed, and its therefore safe for your freshly washed items. 

 3. Nostalgic wooden pegs 

Don’t wooden pegs take you back to the 80s when mum or nan used to hang the washing out? They may well stir feelings of nostalgia, but theyre also the most eco-friendly of the peg world. Theyre suitable for heavier items such as bed covers and towels, which is great. One top tip, however, is to keep wooden clothes pegs inside when youre not using them. Allowing them to fester in the damp outdoors when not in use will cause them to begin to decay. This in turn could lead to unsightly stains on your favourite top or trousers. 

4. Reuse household items to hang out your clothes 

Rather than using huge wooden pegs to hang out small items like underwear – why not reuse items you can find in your home?  

Paper clips – great to hang out your smaller items. Theyre delicate, wont rust and are usually readily available in your kids pencil cases. Great for pants or socks. 

Plastic coat hangers – can be hung from your washing line to then hang smaller items, such as socks, from. Great when you have little  or no  space left on your line. 

 5. Treat whites and colours differently 

If youre drying coloured items outside  especially if youve just used your ACE For Colours to bring them back to vibrancy – make sure that theyre not in direct sunlight. The sun will fade colours quicklycreating uneven and unsightly markings that wouldn’t look out of place at a 60s party. A garden parasol, strategically placed, is a great way to keep the sun at bay. If you have a wall breaking the sun – put your whites in the sunlight and ensure your colours are protected in the shade of the wall. 

 6. Shuffle clothes around 

Different materials will dry at different rates, so its important to move the clothes around. Check on the clothes every 30 to 45 minutes, removing any dry clothing and shuffle the slower-drying items into more effective drying spots. If you have a rotating washing line, it could be a matter of a 180-degree spin to get the other side into the sunligh great for your whites.  

 7. Be aware of allergies – especially hay fever 

If you suffer from hay fever you may already refrain from drying your clothes outside. Its true that damp clothes will attract pollen blowing in the air, as well as other allergens. But here are a few tips on how to dry your clothes outside even if you have hay fever: 

  1. Avoid 11am until 6pm if possible – this is the time most pollen particles are in the air    
  1. Avoid hanging woollen clothes on washing lines as theyll attract more pollen 
  1. Check the pollen count: if its High to Very High, avoid hanging clothes outside 
  2. If youre concerned when bringing dry clothes in, a quick tumbledry for 5 minutes will remove most of the pollen from your clothes 

Spring really is the best time to revitalise your wardrobe and give your clothes a new lease of life. Don’t forget to stock up on your favourite ACE products to refresh your colours and get your whites whiter than ever. TOP TIP: always keep your colours out of the sunlight.

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