7 tips on how to dry your clean clothes indoors

The British Summer Time (BST) is wonderful. Not only does it give us hours of sunshine, warmer temperatures and longer days, it also provides households the opportunity to dry clothes promptly in the fresh air – leaving them smelling fresher for longer.

Sadly, BST is still a few months away. For those without tumble dryers or access to a garden, it’s highly likely that over the winter months, your wet laundry has been taking up space around the house on airers and on radiators and taking much longer to dry too!

Here are seven simple tips on how you can safely dry your clothes in your home, without resorting to the energy-hungry tumble dryer.

  1. Don’t rely on radiators

Not only does putting wet clothes on the radiator make your boiler work harder, resulting in more energy being used (and money) to keep the whole room warm, but scientists have also warned people that by doing so regularly and without any ventilation, you are helping mould thrive due to the moisture in the air.


  1. Use a high spin

Using the high spin setting on your washing machine means your clothes will have as much excess water removed as possible, resulting in a speedier drying time.


  1. Give the clothes space

Clothes need air and ventilation to dry so hanging your clothes neatly and spread out on your airer will reduce the drying time, your ironing pile and avoid the risk of generating that horrid damp smell.

  1. Wash early

Resort to washing your clothes earlier in the morning, so that you can hang them out before you head out for the school run / commute to work. This allows the load to take full advantage of any surprise rays of sunshine that may occur throughout the day.


  1. Reduce your load

It’s so easy squishing everything in from the wash basket but doing so can leave clothes being damper after a wash, so reduce your loads to save time on drying.

  1. Make the most of warmer rooms

It is absolutely pointless attempting to dry your clothes in rooms which are renowned for being cold. Resort to hanging your clothes in a room which offers sources of warmth such as a radiator or boiler to help speed up the drying time.


  1. Ventilation

‘Oh baby it’s cold outside’. But that doesn’t stop the need for windows being opened as often as possible for short bursts to circulate fresh air in your home, helping your washing dry more quickly.


We hope these simple, yet effective tips help in your quest for clean, dry clothes throughout the colder months. If you have any tips you would like to share with us, then we would love to hear from you at @ACECleanUK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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