7 Incredible Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With An Old Bedsheet

28/10/2015 - Family Activities

Bedsheets wear out. And even if they don’t there comes a time when you get bored of your old bedding and want a change. But what to do with the old sheets? Here are a few fun suggestions:

Bed Sheets

  • Get hold of a projector or make your own and hang the sheet on a wall outside as a movie screen. Voila – your own outdoor cinema beneath the stars.
  • If it’s raining go inside and use it as a backdrop for a shadow puppet theatre. You can find some good templates for traditional puppets here.
  • Find a good couple of trees and string it up between the two as a hammock!


  • Paint different coloured circles on it and make your own version of Twister. Try having more than four colours, put the circles in random places, and have “wild” circles that are more than one colour.
  • Cut it up and use it for dusters.
  • Be a Roman for a day – wear a bedsheet toga. Do it with the whole family and make it educational by also researching old Roman customs and foods, or just invite your friends over and use it as an excuse to drink lots of wine!
  • Cut round holes in it of different sizes and hang it between a couple of bamboo canes (or chairs, or trees etc). Use it to practice football shots. 5points for the big holes, 10 for the small and 20 for the tiny one in the top left hand corner.

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